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Drowning Pool: Resilience

Nu-school veterans prove their mettle – but very little else

Drowning Pool never really recovered from the death of original lead singer Dave Williams, a revolving door of frontmen now being their Achilles’ heel. They are back with another newbie at the mic, fellow Texan native Jasen Moreno, not that it’s signalled any kind of change in direction as the band continue the well-trodden path of chest- swelling bravado and meaty riffs.

For a while it’s actually a surprising treat, opener Anytime Anyplace is a real head-bobber, One Finger And A Fist a guaranteed pit-starter and Saturday Night sounds like a Gym Bunny version of Steel Panther.

Unfortunately, the band never make any attempt to diversify their sound. By the end you’d be forgiven for feeling like it’s a party that’s gone on too long. Let’s face it, you might down a beer and smash the can against your forehead once, maybe even twice, but 14 times? You’ll just feel confused and have a headache.