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Doro - Strong And Proud: 30 Years Of Rock And Metal DVD review

The metal queen celebrates, and is celebrated.

A triple disc DVD to mark Doro’s 30 years as a performer may seem to be a touch indulgent. But it turns out to be exhaustive and fun.

The first disc presents Doro in top form at the Wacken Open Air Festival, plus a night performing a career-spanning list of songs and classic metal covers in her home town of Düsseldorf, joined by the likes of Biff, Blaze Bayley and Udo Dirkschneider. The second is a documentary featuring the iron mistress metaphorically revealing herself (calm down there!), while the third disc offers extra live material.

What comes over throughout is Doro’s genuine excitement and delight in what she does. There’s an exuberance here that is totally effective and affecting. The spirit of metal is alive and kicking in the diminutive blonde, and you can appreciate just how much she appreciates it all.