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Diamond Head: Electric Evil

Now with added CD.

Captured on film when Diamond Head headlined the 25th anniversary celebration of NWOBHM at the London Astoria in November 2005, this performance (originally released on DVD as To The Devil His Due) finds riff ace Brian Tatler and co given something of a shot in the arm by then new lead singer Nick Tart.

The set features a handful of tunes from 2005’s All Will Be Revealed, but – it has to be said – the band truly come into their own on the classics. And Diamond Head really do have a ridiculous number of classics on offer, naturally including Helpless, The Prince and inevitable Am I Evil?

Despite the quality of the tunes, though, what the DVD unfortunately lacks is atmosphere, which is where the CD of the gig comes in handy – without the rather workmanlike visuals the songs are unleashed, which can only be a good thing./o:p