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Delta Saints: Bones

Nashville’s Saints march to career peak.

For the last eight years, Nashville’s Delta Saints have been steadily building a following for their atmospheric blues rock and deep-fried southern hoodoo by playing 200 gigs a year, stoked by two EPs, 2012’s Death Letter Jubilee album and last year’s Live At Exit/In.

All this graft earned them a deal with Tom Lipsky’s Loud & Proud, which has recently entertained names such as Skynyrd and Steve Miller.

Working at Nashville’s Sputnik Sound with producer Ed Spear (Jack White, Neil Young), the band decided to write songs spontaneously in the studio, resulting in an often-bewitching clutch of spectral psychedelic cascades and bottleneck field-holler confessionals.

These veer between the Led Zep-Jack White bombast of Sometimes I Worry to the haunted lament of Butte la Rose. Tumultuous riffs, intimate passions and ornate but widescreen backdrops proliferate on something of a modern southern masterpiece.