Dead Boys 1977: The Lost Photographs Of Dave Treat by Dave Treat

Unearthed old photos show a legendary band pre-fame

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Back in 1977, when Cleveland’s legendary snot-punks the Dead Boys were still shaking off their glammy Dolls rip-off roots, then-fledgling art student Dave Treat agreed to shoot promo photos for the band amid the rust and decay of Cleveland’s economically strapped mean streets. Only one photo from that session, shot in grainy black and white, actually made publication. The rest remained unseen. Until now.

Also including a smattering of live shots from the same era, this remarkable book shows this now legendary band at the cusp of infamy. The ripped clothes and fresh flesh wounds of their CBGB days had yet to kick in, but you can see it all staring at you through Treat’s lo-fi, monochrome lens, the dystopian future of punk rock slumming it in the Midwest, ready to throttle the world. Kinda amazing what 40 years can do for a shoebox full of dusty old photographs.