Davey Suicide - Made From Fire album review

Industrial metallers offer a less than riveting affair

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Last year, after a long, ugly legal battle with his label Standby Records over unpaid album costs and several breaches of contract, Davey Suicide emerged victorious. But while Made From Fire is a statement of triumph over adversity, unfortunately this album comprises 14 tracks of pretty unremarkable industrial cyber-metal. There are promising moments; Torture Me has an infectious chorus and the opening nu metal bounce of Rise Above will be a real pitstarter. Elsewhere, though, the influence of Antichrist Superstar-era Manson hangs a little too heavily over the swaggering throb of AntiSystem Revolution and the rest of the album is a straight rendition of KMFDM covering Motionless In White or Rob Zombie. Also grating is the palpable longing to appear subversive and edgy, but lyrics like ‘There’s too many freaks and not enough circuses’ lack the bite and danger his influences brought to the table. Sadly there’s nothing here anyone hasn’t seen and heard done better before.