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Dan Reed: Transmission

Reed’s third solo album both rattles and hums.

Magazine cover shots with Jon Bon Jovi, support shows with the Stones… the early 90s were a different time for Dan Reed and his Network band. But being on the cusp of stardom can do strange things to a man.

Reed shaved his head overnight, much to his label’s chagrin, and started to wonder at the universe instead of writing songs about Tamin’ The Wild Nights. He disappeared from view, but finally came out of the metaphorical desert in 2010 with the warmly received Coming Up For Air.

Transmission, his third solo album, captures the plaintive acoustic thrum of earlier solo work as well as the pop-like groove that made the DRN so successful.

Especially good, in that middle ground between conscious-stirring and finger-tapping, is the lilting Arm Yourself, and the rueful lament She’s Not You which could have sat happily at the more sombre end of any DRN record./o:p