Corrections House: Last City Zero

Neurosis/Eyehategod members reach the heights of despair

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Neurosis’s Scott Kelly and Mike IX Williams of NOLA sludge-bastards Eyehategod are two men who have seen lots of trouble, yet if their day jobs weren’t expressions enough of that fact, then Corrections House, an avant/alt-supergroup of sorts that also features Bruce Lamont of Yakuza and Minsk’s Sanford, certainly is.

Much like Scott’s other ‘supergroup’ Shrinebuilder, although given the relative disparity of the scenes in which the protagonists usually operate, Corrections House are wholly more cohesive unit than you might expect.

Even though Last City Zero moves between punishing, mechanised stomps like opener Serve Or Survive, the industrial d-beat of Bullets And Graves, the almost NIN-ish dirge of Dirt Poor And Mentally Ill and the minimal urban-folk of Hallows Of The Stream, the pervading sense of impotent rage and sorrow is what holds it all together. Whether it’s Mike’s grim spoken-word poetry or Scott’s course, monotone groan overlaying the clangorous, soundscapes, it’s the utter bleakness that binds.