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Circles: Infinitas

Further proof that Australia is a tech-metal paradise

Whether it’s due to a delayed reaction against the rough’n’ready three-minute rock song mentality of their country’s musical heritage or the inspiration pulled from an endless and awe-inspiring landscape, Australia seems to be over-delivering on fearless and unravelling epic acts designed to get your brain thinking and your heart pumping.

Adding to the already brimming ambit enveloping Karnivool and Northlane are Circles. Not content with retreading the djent formula, these Aussie maestros have chosen the Tesseract route, tempering the unmusical sound effect of guitars being thwacked with heartfelt, soaring vocal melodies, euphoric choruses and spinetingling interludes.

Ground Shift and As It Is Above are testament to their stellar persuasions, infusing their Faith No More-meets-Periphery style with Deftonesian intensity, while Erased turns Queensrÿche on their 21st-century head before pummelling in with a sonic sledgehammer. A dazzling debut.