Chickenhawk: Modern Bodies

The new sound of hard Britain.

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Hardcore in the UK is more exciting right now than it has been in years. Bands like Kong and Pulled Apart By Horses are the bastard, noisy children of Killing Joke and Faith No More, putting an artier slant on a stale genre. Chickenhawk join their ranks as the most beautifully obnoxious newcomers to attack our ears in ages.

Modern Bodies revels in the kind of aggressively insistent, meltingly fiddly but relentlessly metal riffs that take your breath away, while frontman Paul Astick’s berserk shouting-at-bus-stops bark has the kind of unhinged urgency that would make you cross the street if it weren’t so compelling.

Matt Reid’s drums, meanwhile, repeatedly kick you in the face like a mule with a grudge, underpinned by Ryan Clark’s strangely funky basslines. Not for the faint hearted then.

But Modern Bodies offers strung-out prog-core at its most intense, and anyone with a shred of interest in music that will twist their brains into grandiose new shapes will adore this.