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Cats In Space joyfully tramp through the trad-rock tropes on Atlantis

Atlantis is the supremely crafted fourth studio album from rock classicists Cats In Space

Cats In Space: Atlantis
(Image: © Harmony Factory)

With a band name like that, you’re not asking to be taken hugely seriously. But respect is due for the dedication shown by Cats In Space in rekindling the spirit of a golden age of rock. 

Their fourth studio album in five years sends reference points tumbling out of the speakers: the Saxon-ish riff of Dive!; the Lizzy-duels-with-Queen twin guitars and Darkness-does-Purple falsetto from new frontman Damien Edwards on Spaceship Superstar; Sunday Best’s neat ELO-isms; Listen To The Radio’s pearls of AOR bliss.

Elsewhere, Can’t Wait For Tomorrow is a stirring, phones-aloft ballad that suggests Cats In Space are reaching a new peak of their powers. 

There’s also a very 21st-century sardonic lyrical edge to Revolution (referring to ‘a monkey in the white house’ and the ‘deadly devil in the air’) and I Fell Out Of Love With Rock’n’Roll. The latter tune, however, seems to disprove its title through the sheer joy of its lusty synthesis of skilfully turned trad-rock tropes.