Canvas - Worry album review

Expansive, anxiety-ridden post-hardcore from British debutantes

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Worry is an apt title for this debut from Canvas, who meld thundering hardcore with searing post-rock atmospherics. The Bedfordshire five-piece have tapped into the bleak mentality of a heavily burdened mind, performing an emotionally charged lyrical post-mortem on paranoia and nagging tensions. If opener Stay A While perfectly captures that quiet moment when you try to sleep but the mind just won’t switch off, then the panic-stricken Low is the equivalent of waking up from a nightmare drenched in cold sweat. ‘Trapped in my mind with my thoughts for company,’ roars Ricky Clarke, a man who sounds like he’s trying to outrun himself on The Death Of Us. ‘I want to decay, forget my name.’ From start to finish, Worry is an uncomfortable piece of introspection that sounds knotty, desperate and wired with anxiety.