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Cabal - Mark Of Rot album review

Denmark’s pit-stirring brutalists hold the deathcore centre ground

Cover art for Cabal - Mark Of Rot album

Ever since Suicide Silence publicly shat on the subgenre from a great height last year, deathcore has been under more scrutiny than ever for being overdone and stale. But sometimes people like their creature (dis)comforts. Cabalhave assembled an arsenal of roaring vocals, sub drops and stabbing guitars to set up a safe space of barbarity. It’s hellacious, it’s heavy, and it’s recognisable crowd-killing fodder. Never straying into no man’s land, Mark Of Rot is a constant barrage of hate that leaves you numb, yet ready for more. Embracing the techier side of instrumentation, the chaos is orchestrated and there’s a lot for fans of the complex to snap their necks to, while still windmilling like a hairy ceiling fan. In short, if you’re a deathcore fan, you’re going to like what Cabal have to offer, but it’s not reinventing any circlepits.

Luke Morton