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Brian Jonestown Massacre: Mini Album Thingy Wingy

Psych for the sake of it.

In recent months, he’s released a full Brian Jonestown Massacre album (2014’s Revelation) and this year’s soundtrack to a non-existent movie, Musique De Film Imaginé (stop rolling your eyes, please, you’ll get stuck like that), but the ever bountiful creative well and modern psych guru that is the Massacre’s Anton Newcombe keeps ‘em coming with this stopgap mini-album (thingy, er, wingy).

The blissed-out psychedelia with which they made their name remains present, correct and as shoegazey as you could possibly hope for, but they’re looking even further afield this time around, Slovakian-language song Prší Prší bringing in evocative eastern European folk elements and giving their sound a whole new flavour.

Elsewhere, they introduce a mesmerising, Velvet Underground-style drone on Leave It Alone and Middle Eastern rhythms on Here Comes The Waiting For The Sun, while a faithful cover of 13th Floor Elevators’ Dust is enjoyably rough around the edges and introduces just the right amount of grit.

They’re unlikely to be away for too long, but in the meantime there’s plenty here to keep their hard-core fans transfixed until the Jonestowners return with the next full albumy walbum.