Bobby Kimball - We’re Not In Kansas Anymore album review

Former voice of Toto finds safe place like home

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Vocalist on the first four Toto albums, Bobby Kimball was the voice that tackled the high bits in such AOR gold standards as Rosanna and Africa. He’s since tried everything from prog rock to re-recording Toto songs with orchestras, but this album reunites him with John Zaika, the writer-producer behind his 1999 solo album All I Ever Needed.

Zaika knows what suits that voice best: lush, rich soft-rock arrangements steering into light funk and pompous balladry, which firmly believe we’re still listening to US radio in 1984.

The quality of musicianship is ridiculously adept, and in the early stages there’s a disarming charm to mid-tempo almost-thrusters like Too Far Behind and On My Feet. Scam strives to get all angry, but it’s not in its nature.

Things then get a bit windy, as Manilow-esque bawlers such as You’ll Be With Me audition for Celine Dion B-sides.