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Bloodlights: Simple Pleasures

Those clever Scandinavians do it again.

With a pedigree that ought to give a few clues as to what to expect – chief songwriter Captain Poon was a member of Gluecifer until 2005 – these Norwegians take absolutely no prisoners with Simple Pleasures.

There is an intensity and passion on show that can come only from years on the road and genuinely loving what you’re doing.

From the aptly named opener Blasted to pounding closer Wipe It Off, Poon and his buddies slash-and-burn their way through the classic rock songbook, borrowing liberally from the esteemed likes of Judas Priest, AC/DC and Motörhead, among others – in the case of Off The Track you half expect Lemmy to pop up on vocals.

As with Gluecifer, the influences are turbo-charged with a healthy dose of punk rocket fuel, providing an altogether perfect way to blast away the winter blues.