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Black Veil Brides: Set The World On Fire

The new face of 21st-century glam-metal.

With their ozone-bothering barnets, world-of-leather wardrobes and penchant for air-pumping anthems, this Max Factor-plastered Cincinatti five-piece are the missing link between 80s glam and noughties emo.

Granted, it’s hardly a hybrid the world was crying out for, but they make a decent fist of it anyway on their second album.

The duelling guitars and gang vocals on Fallen Angel and Love Isn’t Always Fair are older than the people playing them, while frontman Andy Six’s surname suggests he’s been cloned from the toenail of a passing member of Mötley Crüe. But there’s a distinctly modern tinge to the super-sensitive crooning of Saviour that shows they haven’t completely abandoned their backpack-rock roots.

An unlikely combination, but a surprisingly successful one.