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Black Temple: It All Ends

Scandic rockers elevate themselves above the old/new-school divide

Scandinavia has a great history when it comes to shit-kicking rock’n’roll music. It’s a legacy that Swedish three-piece Black Temple have obviously paid attention to, but aren’t overawed by.

It All Ends is more than just another retro Scandi-rock album, taking big 70s riffs as the starting point and adding influences from other fellow countrymen in the kind of glacial textures to their music that Cult Of Luna specialise in (COL’s Magnus Lindberg sits in the producer’s chair) and the deep, rumbling bass-heavy sound that made Breach such a frightening proposition.

When it all merges together beautifully, as on the grinding yet danceable Great Things,* *BT sound like they could cross over to the ATP crowd as much as they do beardy, beer-swigging Black Spiders fans. This is catchy, intelligent, interesting and passionate music that nods to its heritage but refuses to be shackled by it. If you’re looking for a band that play classic rock’n’roll in a contemporary way then this is a temple you should be worshipping at.