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Black Explosion - Atomic Zod War album review

Third heavy dose from these Swedish planet eaters.

Black Explosion Atomic Zod War album cover

If you always thought Monster Magnet were just too restrained, then this is the throbbing electric comic book you’ve been searching for. Thoroughly freaked out and positively stoned-to-the-tits, Atomic Zod War is all grunting wah-wah guitar and long-haired freak ruminations shouted over thumping drug-jungle beats.

Opening your album with 14 minutes of oozing acid rock is pretty goddamn brassy, but that’s what the band do on the chugging astral-doom of Paralyzed. If you’re still standing, groovy headspinner Ain’t Coming Home and the lethal Get My Mind Together will melt you into a twitchy puddle of bone and fur. Devil Inside is sorta the blues, but it’s also sorta like wandering in the Suicide Forest zonked on Quaaludes.

Atomic Zod War wallows in its own sonic excess like a flashing psychedelic warthog. Jack Kirby would be proud of these spaced-out motherfuckers.