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Attila: Guilty Pleasure

Atlanta’s frat metal blowhards flatline once again

A lot has been talked about in the media recently on the subject of trolling and haters and people generally being shitty humans on the internet (we’re looking at you, Dapper Laughs). But now it seems the haters’ favourites Attila have written a whole goddamn album about the notion of people dissing them online.

It’s not quite at a Pink Floyd level of concept album, we’ll admit, but what would you expect from a man who can call himself Fronzilla? On the surface at least, Attila are a halfway decent deathcore band with solid beatdowns and even the odd solo thrown in to stop your eardrums disintegrating, but it’s the vocals and lyrics that drag the band to embarrassing depths.

Consistent, gratuitous swearing and screaming about “bitches” sucking ol’ Fronzie’s dick fails to be either offensive or funny – instead, it simply smacks of playground teasing and name-calling. But then again, when you can shout the word “tits” repeatedly and call it a song (as in Dirty Dirty) perhaps you’re not aiming for an emotional connection. Besides, it’ll give the trolls some more bait for the next album./o:p