Attila album review – Chaos

Atlanta antagonisers Attila have long since blown their load

Attila album cover

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Seven albums in, and Attila still haven’t realised they’d be a better band without frontman Chris ‘Fronzilla’ Fronzak and his tiresome quest to be the most offensive man in metal.

That’s not to say that their music has the power to outshine him; their electro-metalcore, save for some passable riffs, sounds firmly stuck in the MySpace era. Before releasing the single Public Apology, Fronzilla posted a video where he appeared to acknowledge that he might have rubbed people the wrong way, and teased an apology.

Oh, hang on, it was satire. Consider everyone shocked. Chris reminds us that his vocabulary includes some expletives – ‘I say “cunt”! I say “bitch”!’ – like an angry teenager trying to get a rise. Queen is a supposed ode to women who don’t live by the standards society imposes on them, but its sentiment is ruined as soon as the song’s subject is described as being ‘in the front row with her titties out’. Top marks, for what that’s worth, for filling the non-PC bingo card; points deducted for it not even being funny.