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Anti-Pasti - Rise Up album review

Brit punks finally pull their finger out.

They might share their name with a favoured starter of the middle classes but Anti-Pasti have been serving up cheesed-off working-class British punk since 1978, although they did take some time off.

Third studio album Rise Up follows in the boot steps of much-loved ‘81 debut The Last Call and the following year’s second stab, Caution In The Wind. Despite the downtime, and the fact that only drummer Kev Nixon remains from the founding line-up, frenetic new tracks Lies Lies Lies, Gagging Law, Hurricane and the excellent title track take us right back to the glory days of primo Pasti platter Let Them Free/Another Dead Soldier.

It’s all government lies, poor scrotes on minimum wage, and getting the shaft from The Man. Rise Up is the sound of the foot coming down, then, and nostalgic punks and the new crop of Oi! lovers will feel right at home. It’s loud, totally lacking in melody and all sounds the bleedin’ same. What more could you want?