Annihilator - Triple Threat album review

Canadian thrashers turn on the power – and then unplug it

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This is effectively a live release, documenting the veteran Canadians both at their best and in a very uncomfortable situation. Starting with the latter, Annihilator – here augmented by extra musicians – deliver acoustic versions of tracks from their back catalogue. It’s an interesting idea but the performance is stilted, with all the members sounding like they’re in an alien environment. It might have been better if it was recorded in front of an audience. As it is, the whole thing is artificial and misguided, and the performance on the accompanying DVD emphasises the lack of conviction.

However, the other live set, recorded during last year’s Bang Your Head festival in Germany, is much more in keeping with what you’d expect from Annihilator. Here, they’re in fine form, blazing through a tight, vicious, thrashing 11-song set, and the DVD footage adds immeasurably to the enjoyment. This is how the band should be seen and heard.

Is this worth having? Only partially.