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Alcatrazz: The Ultimate Fortress Rock Set

One great singer. Two great guitarists. And still a failure.

Alcatrazz The Ultimate Fortress Rock Set album cover

In the erratic career of 80s band Alcatrazz, there was a sharp and poignant contrast between the central figures. For singer and leader Graham Bonnet – an established star, following spells with Rainbow and the Michael Schenker Group – Alcatrazz turned out to be his last shot at the big time. For the young guitarists that joined him in the band – first Yngwie Malmsteen, then Steve Vai – it was a stepping stone to fame.

In this new box set are the band’s three studio albums and one live album, plus live CDs of the Malmsteen line-up in 1983 and the Graham Bonnet Band in 2015, and a live DVD with two sets from ’84: one with Malmsteen, the other with Vai.

The debut No Parole From Rock ’N’ Roll was their best – melodic hard rock with a quirky edge, and Yngwie shredding at high speed. 1985’s Disturbing The Peace was more polished, with Vai showing off his chops. But after a weak third album, Dangerous Games, with Danny Johnson on guitar, the band split, and Bonnet’s glory days were over.