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Album Review: TASHA TAYLOR

Honey For The Biscuit (RUF RECORDS)


Aspiring soul queen takes time to hit her stride.

Honey For The Biscuit ticks a lot of boxes: the musicianship is top-notch; the production dials up a satisfying soul-funk sound; and Taylor’s voice is strong, supple and soulful throughout. But it takes a while to build up a head of steam, with several songs showing promise but lackinga knockout punch.

The funky strut of Weatherman generates some heat, punctuated by bright horns and a nifty piano solo, and the sprightly rhythms and vocal harmonies of Little Miss Suzie provide further encouragement. But it’s the danceable R&B of How Long, with its brisk guitar solo, that sparks a decisive shift of gear. Leave That Dog Alone, with label-mate Samantha Fish sharing vocals and supplying some fizzing guitar fills, hits a fresh high, heralding a closing stretch of songs with hooks strong enough to realise Taylor’s full potential.