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Album Review: LOVE


Legendary psychedelic rocker Arthur Lee gets his soul groove on.

By 1974, Arthur Lee had left Love’s psychedelic roots in his rear-view mirror, forming a version of the band that had little in common with its 60s era origins. Love’s Black Beauty – unreleased until 2011 – displayed the talents of Lee’s new musicians, essentially the line-up Lee took into the studio to record Reel-To-Real.

Fans expecting another Forever Changes will be disappointed. Lukewarm criticisms aside, Reel-To-Real is a fine record in itself, Lee flexing his soul and funk muscles, resulting in performances that blend Sly Stone with Frankie Miller. Who Are You? is a red-hot slab o’ funk while Which Witch Is Which is a jarring trance-blues tune. The rootsy You Said You Would is raucous fun and, of the bonus tracks, Graveyard Hop stands out as a throwback rocker. Reel-To- Real provides another intriguing piece of the puzzle that was Arthur Lee.