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Abramis Brama: Enkel Biljett

Scandic retro-rock veterans refuse to tread water

On their sixth full-length album since their inception in 1997, Stockholm quartet Abramis Brama (named after the Latin for a species of bream, hence the fishy sleeve) have a neat line in hot, crunchy stoner riff action and quirky psychedelic guitar fun with wide-ranged bluesy vocals belting out neatly harmonised all-Swedish lyrics.

While the band’s native-language approach works best on the more exotic, mystical vibes of Lång Tripp or Vaggar Mig Till Ro, Enkel Biljett cuts a more accessible dash that renders the foreign lyrics jarring in among touches of Orange Goblin, Clutch or Spiritual Beggars – although Abramis Brama have bowed to pressure and sung in English in the past, they seem to prefer their native tongue.

Slipping in jam-room experiments like Jonzos Bolero alongside raunchy riff-rockers like Blåa Toner, Abramis Brama have the bases covered, and while Sweden isn’t in danger of running out of vintage-gear retro-rawk shapes, these beardy longhairs have their shit nailed.

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