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42 Decibel - Overloaded album review

High-voltage rock’n’roll

Cover art for 42 Decibel - Overloaded album

These Argentine AC/DC nuts certainly don’t beat around the bush on this, their third album: by deliberately turning their equipment up to 11 and beyond, they’ve achieved the raw, distorted vibe of AC/DC’s entire Let There Be Rock album. Nowhere is this more apparent than during the guitar solos on Dangerous Mess, Cannon Fodder and Hot Shot, where it’s like listening to Angus in full flight.

Fortunately, the Young brothers aren’t the only reference point – there’s more than a bit of Rose Tattoo in opener Whisky Joint and Half Face Dead, all unhinged menace and raspy vocals.

Ultimately, though, what 42 Decibel lack are songs that match the more memorable efforts of their heroes.