WWE's most metal moments

If you want to read about some professional wrasslin', give us a hell yeah!

As you have probably already guessed, we’re pretty big wrestling fans here at Hammer, and with Wrestlemania 30 kicking off this weekend, we thought it’d be another good excuse to look up videos of big blokes beating the crap out of each other.

So, without further ado, here are the most metal moments in WWE history! HELL YEAH!

Ozzy Hosts RAW

How else can we start this list? The Prince Of Motherfuckin’ Darkness hosting Monday Night Raw! Yeah, sure, the spat between Sharon and The Miz is painful, but DX coming face-to-face with Ozzy Osbourne is a sight to behold – complete with shameless promotion. And yes, while Raw’s Got Talent didn’t need to happen, the pec dancing to Crazy Train puts our beery chests to shame.

Undertaker Throws Mick Foley Off The Hell In A Cell

It’s the one Hell In A Cell moment that sticks out in every wrestling fan’s mind as the most bonkers. Starting the match on top of such an unforgiving structure is one thing, but there’s only one way down from there… Not only did Mick risk his life during such a move (nothing that dangerous has been tried since) but it kick-started the age of high spots in WWE that were pivotal in the Attitude Era. We love you Mick.

Edge Spears Jeff Hardy Off A Ladder

One of the highlights of WrestleMania XVII (the greatest WrestleMania ever) was definitely the TLC match between the Hardy Boyz, Dudley Boyz and Edge and Christian. All six men are infamous in the world of tag-team wrestling and for putting their bodies on the line in some extreme matches – but this spot stands out. As Jeff dangles helplessly above the ring, Edge spears him from a giant ladder to come crashing into a pile of bodies on the mat.

Cactus Jack Slams Randy Orton Onto Thumbtacks

Before this match started you knew thumbtacks were going to be used, but on who? It was thought Mick would take the bump as he was actually wearing some kind of protection but Orton stepped up and was slammed back first onto hundreds of sharp pins that instantly drew blood and were stuck into his flesh. Rather you than us, Randy.

Motörhead Perform Live At WrestleMania

Another one from WrestleMania XVII now (we told you it was the best), it’s Motörhead playing Triple H’s entrance theme The Game live as Hunter walks to the ring. What better way is there to make an entrance on The Grandest Stage Of Them All than to have Lemmy and co. snarl and spit their way through your theme song?

Shane McMahon Jumps Off The Titantron

It’s not the only time Shane plummeted off the titantron but it’s the one he actually jumped from rather than having the crap kicked out of him by a mean dude called Steve Blackman until he fell. Despite Shane not strictly being a wrestler, his bumps were legendary and this elbow drop onto Big Show from 40ft+ in the air is still unbelievable. We bet our last cookie that wouldn’t happen today, health and safety would drop one.

The Ring Implodes

It’s just a normal episode of SmackDown, nothing exciting will ever happen here… WRONG! When the World’s Largest Athlete met The Beast Incarnate in 2003, Brock Lesnar went to superplex the 500lb monster – a feat of strength rivalling Hogan lifting Andre The Giant. But it’s not the move that shocked fans, it was the aftermath. As soon as Show hits the mat the ring collapses around the two men as the sheer force of the two superstars causes it to implode!

Edge Spears Mick Foley Through A Flaming Table

If you’re unsure about whether your match is hardcore enough, just add fire. When Edge met Mick Foley at WrestleMania 22, it was a match littered with blood and weapons that climaxed when Lita decided to set fire to a table. Not content with simply suplexing Mick through it, Edge went for his signature spear – so he went into the flames face first just to win a match. Bravo, sir.

** Shane McMahon Gets Suplexed Through Glass, Like, Ten Times**

The second entry for Shane O’Mac, but this time it’s from having his ass handed to him by Kurt Angle at King Of The Ring (remember when that existed?). In an attempt to beat Shane in a Street Fight, Kurt pulled out all the stops and tried to belly-to-belly suplex him through the glass stage, but it refuses to break first time, reportedly knocking Shane out. But once through the glass wasn’t enough for the Olympic Gold Medallist, he tries TWO MORE TIMES to put Shane through another panel before resorting to just ramming him head first through the glass.

Undertaker Sacrifices Stone Cold

Back when Undertaker was pure evil instead of a biker or just an undead badass, he had a penchant for sacrificing people. On an episode of Monday Night Raw in 1998, Undertaker and The Ministry targeted the Bionic Redneck before their Buried Alive match the following Sunday. It’s one of the darkest moments in WWE as the ‘good guy’ hangs from a jagged metal pseudo-religious icon as the Phenom looks on.

Wrestlemania 30 takes place this Sunday, April 6, at the New Orleans Superdome.

Written by Luke Morton.