Wilson's Ten Commandments Of Fuckery


Wilson bestow their 10 Commandments in the art of fuckery to live your life by...

  1. Thou shalt powder thine nuts.

  2. Thou shalt grow facial hair, for only the weak bare face of shine.

  3. Thou shalt only refer to thine brethren as ‘Harry’s or ‘John’s.

  4. Thou shalt always cleanse thyself with a hot shower and a cold rinse.

  5. Thou shalt label all nouns, adjectives and verbs as Gordy or variances of Gordy (gord, gords, gordies).

  6. Thou shalt always party like it’s the last Friday on Earth.

  7. Thou shalt honour thy dude and thy dudette as alike.

  8. Thou shalt bask in the glory of thine bowel movements and glow in the aura of one’s throne.

  9. Whenever thine wil engage in fuckery, thou shalt ensure it is full blast.

  10. Thou shalt not be a dick.

To read our full interview with Wilson, and find out who the fuckery they are, pick up the new issue of Metal Hammer here.