Watch: Man begins singing Bon Jovi anthem in London park, sparks massive feel-good singalong

Bon Jovi park singalong
(Image credit: Matej Priteržnik YouTube)

"You can't start a fire without a spark" Bruce Springsteen once sang, and frankly, we're not going to argue with 'The Boss'. Particularly when there's film footage available to back up the wisdom of his words.

Let's take a short trip back in time to see a real world example of how this can word in practice: it's January 2020, and sitting alone in a central London park, close to Embankment station on the Thames, a man starts quietly singing Bon Jovi's 1986 single Livin' On A Prayer. 

London being London, one might perhaps anticipate that disapproving looks and the occasional 'tut-tut' from passers-by might silence this lone voice, but not this time. 

Instead, as illustrated by footage of the incident uploaded to YouTube by one Matej Priteržnik, when our hero reaches the song's uplifting chorus, the entire population of the park raises its voice as one to belt out the words, "Woah, we're half way there..." etc,.

"This might be the closest humanity has gotten towards world peace" notes one YouTube commentator.

Watch the footage below:

The life-affirming footage is regularly re-uploaded on social media, most recently by the Goodable Twitter account, reaping much positive feedback.

'Today is a good day for many to remember, you never are truly alone' notes one reply.

Once again, wise words.

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In other feel-good news, Richie Sambora recently said that there's a "possibility" of him reuniting with Bon Jovi next year.

The guitarist joined Bon Jovi in 1983 and co-wrote most of the band’s biggest hits, including Livin' On A Prayer. He walked away in 2013 prior to a show on the first leg of their Because We Can tour, later citing the need for a break and to handle some family issues. Talk of him returning to the band has barely stopped since.

At the Music Industry Trusts Award show in London, Sambora was asked by Metro whether a reunion with Bon Jovi was likely.

He said:  "It’s a possibility. We’re talking a bit." Metro notes that Sambora gave his response with a 'cheeky smile on his face.'

Sambora's response came as he was specifically asked whether he'd consider playing with Bon Jovi as headliners for Glastonbury 2023.

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