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Soilwork welcome 'healthy pressure'

Soilwork frontman Bjorn Strid admits the band were under pressure to come up with the goods on their latest album – but he insists the challenge was a healthy one.

The band released 10th album The Ride Majestic last month, following 2013’s acclaimed double LP The Living Infinite.

Strid tells The Rockpit: “I did feel pressure, and I think the rest of the guys did as well – but I think it was a healthy pressure, because we felt that we found something new.

“We found new confidence in writing The Living Infinite, that we can pull off writing a double album and that we can find other ways of expressing ourselves. So I think we felt really excited even though the pressure was there. We knew that we found something new that we could develop.”

He adds: “This album is even more focused on the melancholy that we found with The Living Infinite. The extreme parts are even more extreme and the softer parts are a little bit softer – it creates a really interesting dynamic.

“But we approached the album being really playful about it and not just focusing on having traditional song structures. We were being more spontaneous with it as well.”

Soilwork are on a world tour that runs until February 2016.

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