Obituary hail crowdfunding drive


Obituary drummer Donald Tardy says they launched a crowdfunding drive for Inked In Blood as it gave them more control over their own product.

They started their Kickstarter campaign to fund the record’s production and were looking for $10,000. In the end, they raised $60,669 – and it allowed the band to create a “monster album.”

Tardy tells Full Metal Jackie: “We didn’t want a typical contract on any record label. We really wanted to think outside the box and do what we could to own our product more than we have in the past and just have a say-so on our future.

“The campaign allowed us to raise enough money to get this album recorded, mixed, produced and mastered in our hands before we needed help from a record label. That gave us a lot of power to negotiate and figure out what we wanted with the future of this record.”

And he says having the luxury of taking their time on Inked In Blood allowed them to create an album full of tracks they’re proud of.

He continues: “Looking back now that it’s a completed album, I think it just helped because, with so much time in between songs, it seems like each song has its own vibe and its own character.

“Had we been rushed or had we really tried to push the envelope, they might not have had such individuality. It’s a monster album – each song is just pounding and we’re really stoked about its response. So far the fans have really been digging it.”

Obituary are currently on tour across North America and head to Europe next year. They’ll play one date in the UK at London’s Underworld on February 1.