Nandi Bushell pays homage to Meg White with Seven Nation Army cover punctuated by screams

Nandi Bushell screaming as she plays drums
(Image credit: Nandi Bushell)

Nandi Bushell has paid tribute to former White Stripes drummer Meg White. The homage comes in the wake of the furore surrounding comments made by political journalist Lachlan Markay.

In a now-deleted tweet, Markay wrote: "The tragedy of the White Stripes is how great they would've been with a half decent drummer. Yeah, yeah I've heard all the 'but it's a carefully crafted sound mannnn!' takes. I'm sorry Meg White was terrible and no band is better for having shitty percussion."

After being taken to task by much of the internet, Markay later apologised, saying "It was an over-the-top take on TWS and White as a drummer, and was, let’s face it, just truly awful in every way. Petty, obnoxious, just plain wrong."

Yesterday Rage Against The Machine man Tom Morello added his voice to the debate, taking to Instagram to say, "Meg White is one of the greatest drummers in the history of rock n roll. It’s not even a debate. There are a handful of drummers ever who are instantly recognisable rocking their many hit songs with flavour, fire and flair. She’s on that list, bruh."

And now drumming sensation Nandi Bushell has posted footage of herself playing along with the Glitch Mob remix of The White Stripes' classic Seven Nation Army – a performance punctuated by screamsand explained how the song inspired her own path into music. 

"The first day I got drums my dad showed me the video of Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes. I saw Meg playing the drums and thought she was the coolest person in the world. I still do. 

"The more I learn about music, the more I realise that songs, and art, are created to wake emotions deep inside the soul. No matter how fast my fills get or the number rudiments I learn. If I can’t write a song that moves people, then can’t call myself an artist. 

"Meg and Jack White wrote some of the best songs in rock history They moved me at five years old to want to play the drums and still move me today! My screams are for you Meg! You are and always will be my role model and hero!"

In the footage, Bushell's snare drum is been painted with a heart and the name 'Meg', and the clip ends by cutting to footage of a very young Bushell playing Seven Nation Army before excitedly tipping her kit over. 


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