Megadeth bassist David Ellefson’s debut novel Rock Star Hitman looks er, interesting

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Megadeth bassist David Ellefson is releasing his debut fiction novel, The Sledge Chronicles: Rock Star Hitman, on December 18.

The Sledge Chronicles: Rock Star Hitman is billed as the first chapter in “the action-packed saga of Sledge, an up-and-coming musician who discovers that in exchange for achieving his dreams of rock stardom, he must enlist as a ruthless killer for a clandestine agency.” Seems fair.

If this synopsis has you gagging to know more, you can now check out the book’s opening pages.

Here’s a choice preview:

‘How many times did I need to wash the blood out of my stage clothes before I realized that the price of fortune and fame wasn’t worth transporting a severed head in a damn duffel bag?

How many times did I need to show up to a man's hotel, knife in hand, to brutally send a “personal message” to him and his “people”?

I hated it when they’d make me use a knife.

It was so damn messy…’

“I've always wanted to write fiction, and The Sledge Chronicles provided the perfect runway to launch the first of a series of books,” says Ellefson. “I figured I may as well start close to home with a rock ’n’ roll figure as the lead character and expand the global exploits from there.”

Set for release through the bassist’s own The Ellefson Book Co. imprint, The Sledge Chronicles: Rock Star Hitman, was co-written with musician, filmmaker and actor Drew Fortier. The pair also have an independent found-footage horror film due out in 2021. Dwellers was written and directed by Fortier, who also stars in the movie, with Ellefson producing via his Ellefson Films imprint.

The Sledge Chronicles: Rock Star Hitman is now available to order.

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(Image credit: The Ellefson Book Co.)
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