Lynch: Dokken's voice isn't what it used to be


George Lynch has taken another swipe at former bandmate Don Dokken – saying the singer’s voice “isn’t what it used to be.”

Lynch has recently released an album with Michael Sweet called Only To Rise and says the experience of working with the Stryper man was a pleasure compared to his days with Dokken.

Guitarist Lynch tells NI Rocks: “We thought we could bring back the sort of chemistry that existed with me and Dokken in that era. I felt that Don’s voice isn’t really what it used to be these days and he’s kind of hard to work with and deal with.

“Michael is the opposite. He has really taken care of his voice. He’s a phenomenal singer and obviously he is really driven and inspired. He works hard and is really straight-up and honest and dependable without any drama.

“It’s really refreshing. It’s hard enough doing this so you don’t need extra grief. It was a really refreshing opportunity and a really easy record to make. I almost feel guilty that it was as easy as it was. There weren’t any obstacles, everything worked. The songs came extremely easy, they sound real good. Everything just fell into place, I’ve no complaints. I’m not used to that.”

Lynch and Dokken have traded barbs in the past, with Lynch saying last year that Don Dokken’s greed derailed the band at the peak of their fame. And earlier this year, Don hit back at Lynch’s claims that the singer “destroyed” Dokken’s debut album.

Sweet & Lynch released Only To Rise in January.