Josh Todd: I'm not a rock star


Buckcherry frontman Josh Todd says he doesn't consider himself a rock star – instead saving that title for the likes of Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler.

Todd says the Rolling Stones and Aerosmith singers epitomise the tag rock star as they are recognised wherever they go.

Interviewed as part of Rockstar Energy Drink’s Uproar series of videos, Todd says: “I don’t consider myself a rock star because to me a rock star is someone like Mick Jagger or Steven Tyler, someone at that crazy level where they can’t walk down the street anywhere in the world and not be bombarded by people.

“That’s not my experience. What a rock star means to me is a dude who everybody wants to be.”

Despite his modesty, Todd admits he revels in fronting Buckcherry and says music is his reason for living.

He adds: “Music to me is really the only thing in my life that consistently makes me happy. That’s why I do this. Writing songs never gets old to me.

“It’s always challenging and fun, it’s an adventure. I love being in Buckcherry. I love what Buckcherry means.”

Buckcherry released their new EP Fuck in August. It features six songs with the f-bomb in their title.