"You're 24 years old. Sex is all you really think about, especially being in a rock band." Jonathan Davis on the "immature" Korn track that also has his baby secretly featured in the background

Jonathan Davis of Korn
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Korn's Jonathan Davis has revealed that there's a hidden sound effect that fans may have not noticed before within one of their songs.

When discussing the 1997 track A.D.I.D.A.S during an interview with sports apparel brand Adidas, the frontman points out how you can actually hear his son coo-ing in the background during the song's breakdown. 

Explaining the inspiration behind the track, Davis expands on the track's acronymic title, which stands for "All Day I Dream About Sex".

"It was just a dumb song," he says. "It's just like, it was nothing. I think I started with the riff, we were doing it… it was the second record and we wrote the song and I remember the acronym for it was 'All Day I Dream About Sex.'

"It could be a million different things. They would say 'sports', there's all different ones. It's very immature and juvenile. It representative of where we were at at that point in time. You're 24 years old. That's all you really think about, especially being in a rock band. That's just the whole dream and everything. But it's like, at that time that song was everything to me."

Speaking of the sound effects made by his son on the song, Davis continues: "What's fucked up about it, when I performed it, if you listen, my firstborn son Nathan was between my legs when I sang that song. Actually in the breakdown you can hear him coo-ing in the background. He was in the room."

Elsewhere, the nu metal legend is questioned on how he feels about the release of Korn's now sold-out collaborative clothing line with Adidas in 2023.

"Its fun. It's overwhelming to see how many people really still give a shit and how much this was a part of our life, with the Adidas brand and our music, and everything that was involved, it was a really big deal. It's really crazy to see so many people into it. I'm stoked". 

Watch the full interview below:

Back in December, Korn announced two surprise European shows for 2024. The first date will take place Katowice, Poland, on July 30, with rising metalcore stars Spiritbox performing as second guests. The second date was revealed on Korn's official website, which listed the band's appearance at Hills of Rock Festival in Bulgaria on July 25.

Since then, the band have announced more dates across Europe, including stop-offs in Athens, Berlin, Munich and Bonn, as well as festival dates including Wacken Open Air. 

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