Hulk Hogan wanted Metallica gig


Wrestler Hulk Hogan has revealed he appealed to Metallica and The Rolling Stones to give him a shot at vacant bass posts.

And he says despite his best efforts, neither band got back to him to offer an audition.

He tells Noisey: “I had wrestled so long and it got to the point where, with no Stone Cold, Rock or HHH around, I was the only guy for a long time so I had to be everywhere. I didn’t really get tired but I was like, ‘Man, I’m killing myself.’

“I always loved music and was in the UK for some award show, and Jerry Hall, Mick Jagger’s old lady, was walking out with me to present this award. I heard her talking on the phone to Mick about, ‘Oh, you got to find a bass player and you’ve only got two different choices.’

“She had already told me her kids were big fans and she wanted merchandise. I said, ‘Look, I used to play bass. I know all The Rolling Stones songs. Tell Mick if you guys need a bass player, I swear to god I could show up.’ I got home, sent her all the merchandise – and never heard a word back.”

But the lack of response from Jagger didn’t deter him and when he discovered Metallica were looking for a bassist, he decided to record a demo and send it to the thrash legends.

He continues: “I heard Metallica needed a bass player, and I was writing letters, made a tape of myself playing, and sent it to their management company. I kept making calls trying to get through. I tried for two weeks and never heard a word back from them either.”

He adds: “I would have quit wrestling to play in The Rolling Stones or Metallica. I was hoping for a call from them but never got one. All the haters were like, ‘You never auditioned for Metallica!’ Of course I didn’t – but I tried.”