Hamish Anderson was ‘too timid’ for slide guitar

Australian guitarist Hamish Anderson says he regrets not taking up slide guitar at a younger age.

He now uses the technique during his live shows but says he was initially too nervous to try it out.

He tells Music Radar: “I’m really getting into slide guitar recently, and I wish I would have gotten ahead of the curve on that one. I liked slide guitar, but I was too timid to really try it out.”

The 23-year-old says he also struggles with his emotions before his shows but calms himself down by listening to his favourite artists.

He continues: “I generally get pretty nervous before I go on stage, so I’m probably sitting backstage feeling like I’m gonna puke. Beyond that, I’m sitting there listening to B.B. King or Buddy Guy, trying to get in the right mood.”

Anderson released his second EP titled Restless last year.