Glenn Danzig believes ‘woke bullshit’ and cancel culture is killing punk rock

(Image credit: Alison Braun/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Misfits frontman Glenn Danzig believes that the iconic New Jersey horror-punks wouldn’t get a fair hearing in the modern age because ‘woke bullshit’ would cause the band to be ‘cancelled’.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Danzig discussed the Misfits’ classic Last Caress, memorably covered by Metallica on 1987’s The $5.98 E.P. – Garage Days Re-Revisited, and told writer Kory Grow that the song’s provocative lyrics were intended “just to piss people off”, “Like, ‘Fuck everybody. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck the world… Fuck your system, fuck all this bullshit’.” The singer then suggested “There won’t be any new bands coming out like that.” 

When Grow asked Danzig what he meant by this statement, the singer said, “People don’t understand, because everything’s so cancel-culture, woke bullshit nowadays, but you could never have the punk explosion nowadays, because of cancel culture and woke bullshit. You could never have it. It would never have happened. We’re lucky it happened when it did, because it’ll never happen again. You won’t have any of those kinds of bands ever again. Everyone’s so uptight and P.C.”

Later in the feature, when asked if the Misfits reunion was now finished, Danzig replied, “I don’t know.”

“I mean, right now, something like a Misfits show would have to be in a bigger place,” he expanded. “And I don’t know that those places are open yet. So we’ll see. I mean, the door is open. If we do it, I would like to play some places we haven’t played yet.”

Danzig fans perhaps shouldn’t expect any new music from the ‘Evil Elvis’ any time soon either.

“I love doing music,” the singer says, “but if I spend a ton of money doing a record and it just gets downloaded for free and people steal it, what’s the point?”

“I think all these people who just decided that, you know, ‘Fuck the bands, I’m going to get this for free’, well, your bands are probably not going to put out new music.”

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