Watch Twisted Sister's Dee Snider be unmasked as a freaky, gothic doll on The Masked Singer

Dee Snider on The Masked Singer
(Image credit: The Masked Singer, Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)

Dee Snider is the latest contestant to be unveiled on The Masked Singer, a show which sees disguised celebrities compete in sing-offs while wearing eccentric costumes. 

The Twisted Sister frontman's reveal took place on Wednesday's (April 5) episode of the programme, in which he rocked a freaky, female doll costume, complete with a pair of high heels, a sparkly pink dress and a pirate hat.

The Doll finished the night in third place with a performance of Elvis Presley's Jailhouse Rock. 

Not a single judge could work out the identity behind the doll, with Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg pointing to Iggy Pop, Robin Thicke putting forward Gene Simmons, Nicole Scherzinger naming David Lee Roth and Ken Jeong guessing Austin Butler.

After being unmasked, Snider declares: "I couldn't believe you guys didn't get it. You were circling around it. But let me tell you — Gene Simmons, Iggy Pop, no one could wear pumps like I did. 

"And by the way, ladies, it's like riding a bike. I wore them in the '70s. It all came back to me once I put them on." 

Speaking of why he decided to feature on the show, the vocalist tells Entertainment Weekly: "Well, actually, to tell a secret, I was asked season one to be on the show. And I said, 'No, this show will never work.' [Laughs] Nine seasons later, they said, 'Will you be on it now?' 'Yes, I'll be on it now.'

"I did the same thing with Sharknado by the way. They asked me to be in Sharknado 1, I go, 'Oh, this will never work.' And then Sharknado 6 there I was in Romania dressed as a sheriff. And apologizing to the director. 'You were right. You were right.' So you gotta imagine I said no and all of a sudden this show it's just like, blowing up. Well, that was really a bad call. So I was glad to get asked to have another chance."

Of how he found it challenging to perform under the elaborate mask, he explains: "I had to pull back my natural performing tendency. People say, 'Wow, you were really moving on stage.' But what I would do normally and what I wanted to do was so much more, but with my limited range of vision, and wearing these high heels, there was a lot of obstacles, many edges of the stage to fall off of.

"There was gaps, there was wires, all kinds of things like that. So if I communicate anything to your readers, I'd say, appreciate that this is a very difficult thing for every single member of the cast who comes on that show. And we're out of our comfort zone. It's almost like a sensory deprivation situation when they put that headpiece on you. It is like, whoa, where am I? What am I doing? Where am I going? I can't see anything. You know, so it's tough."

Check out footage from the episode below:

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