Crowbar Kirk is back in control


Crowbar frontman Kirk Windstein says leaving Down helped him get a grip on his drinking.

And the guitarist reports that being in control of his work schedule has made him happier than he’s ever been.

Windstein dedicated his life to Crowbar after departing Phil Anselmo’s outfit last year. He believes concentrating on the band he formed 25 years ago has kept his mind on the job – and helped him steer clear of getting “shitfaced”.

He tells Horns Up Rocks: “I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my life. Crowbar kicks ass and it’s good to be the captain of my own ship. Because Crowbar is my baby, so to speak, I decide when I’m gonna tour, where I’m gonna tour and how long I’m gonna tour for.

“Being in Down, there were a lot of days off and a lot of time with nothing to do and for me. That means: get drunk. If I’m bored, depressed lonely or whatever, stuck in some strange country somewhere, and I’ve got nothing to do for a day or two, I’m gonna get fuckin’ shitfaced – and that’s what happened.

“When I’m in control of my own situation, I’m able to say, ‘Hey, I’ve got a responsibility at 10pm tonight,’ and playing, performing and singing to the best of my ability.”

In the rest of the video interview, Windstein talks about the writing process for new album Symmetry In Black, which is released on May 26, and why he thinks former colleague Anselmo is one of the best song arrangers in the business.

Windstein on being his own boss