Crosby starts work on Croz follow-up


David Crosby says he won't keep fans waiting too long for his next solo album.

The two-time Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductee released his fourth solo album Croz this year and admits he was surprised by the positive reception it received.

So much so that he is already working on new material for a follow-up to what was his first solo effort since 1993.

The CSN, CSNY and Byrds hero tells WGN Radio: “That Croz record, I’m really proud of it. I’m thinking about making another one now because Croz did really well. Surprise surprise.

“And I have these new songs coming. I have two new ones and another one on the way. I’m writing four songs with other people and they are coming out really good. I’m probably going to make another record.”

Crosby, 72, also says he remains friends with Neil Young and Stephen Stills, despite years of spats. And he adds that he fully backs Young’s hi-def audio player the Pono.

He says: “I think we’re still friends. I haven’t butted heads with him anywhere near as much as I have with Stephen, and I’m good friends with Stephen.

“I admire Neil. I can’t say that I fully understand him, but I don’t think anybody does. I like the guy. He’s paid a lot of dues. I do think he’s totally right about the audio thing. MP3s are crap and him wanting to do hi-def audio is totally right.”