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Bury Tomorrow's Favourite Metalcore Riffs

Bury Tomorrow's guitarist Jason Cameron guides us through his favourite metalcore riffs of all time.

As I Lay Dying – Confined

“As I Lay Dying and this song were the forefront of melodic metal for me. The way this song is put together is exactly how I would aspire to write a song.”

Still Remains – White Walls

“One of the only bands with a keys player I liked back in the day. This song shows that massive riffs can work with synth.”

Killswitch Engage – Breathe Life

“My favourite Killswitch song of all! It always reminds me that the second half is going to have just as much momentum as the first.”

All That Remains – Tattered On My Sleeve

“A massive melody hand-in-hand with a riff you can’t not headbang to! I spent most of 2004 listening to this tune in my bedroom.”

Unearth – Zombie Autopilot

“When it comes to melody and heavy in metal, I don’t think you can beat this band. They’ll always influence any riff I ever write.”

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