Blues Traveler's Popper confirms autobiography


Blues Traveler frontman John Popper will publish his autobiography in March, he’s confirmed.

And the singer, guitarist and harmonica player says working on Suck And Blow (And Other Stories I’m Not Supposed To Tell) was a valuable opportunity for introspection.

The jam band grew out of a school group formed by Popper and drummer Brendan Hill in 1987, and they released 12th album Blow Up The Moon in April.

Popper, 48, tells Billboard: “As I creep ever more treacherously close to the half-century mark, while at the same time beginning a new life with a young wife and new baby, I figured this would be the perfect time to look back.

“My perspective of younger adventures and an almost three-decade career with an unlikely and legendary band may change. I wanted to write as much of the experience down now before the memories begin to fade irreparably.”

Co-author Dean Budnick says the book focuses on “how Blues Traveler rebounded from the 1999 death of bassist Bobby Sheenan, and how the group has continued to endure.”

Suck And Blow will be published on March 29 via Da Capo Press.