Your guide to Bloodstock's Metal 2 The Masses: Part 1

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The finals of Bloodstock’s Metal 2 The Masses competition is underway, with the winners receiving coveted spots on the Hobgoblin New Blood stage at the festival this summer. But how will you know which bands to check out? Well, we’re giving you a rundown of all the winners that heading to Catton Park! Here’s the first batch to be announced and what we think of ‘em…


Tripped-out psychedelic doom from deepest darkest Kent. Haunting vocals and sludge-laden riffs intertwine to send you staggering into the abyss.

The Crawling

As the name suggests, it’s slow, dragging death metal to warm up those neck muscles. Scratching, gargling vocals dominate this Belfast gang’s brand of heaviness.

Ten Ton Slug

Pounding groove drenched in slime, the chugging five-piece pack the weight their moniker suggests into their filthy metal. And we think their vocalist gargles glass for a living.

Art Of Deception

Crunching melodic death metal from the land of fjords; full of rumbling drums, duelling guitars and a seriously menacing edge.


Intentionally hard to pigeonhole. There are many elements taken from the groove of Pantera, but then the slappy bass and death metal antics come into play. Yup, you heard.


London-based riffmonsters in the vein of Cancer Bats and Comeback Kid, there’s a genuine hardcore stomp backing up the fist-pounding metal.


Blackened death metal straight out of the seaside, the pummelling drums and gnarled vocals work in tandem to deliver some swaggering brutality full of adrenaline.

Burning The Dream

Like Lamb Of God on fast-forward, and with their toes dipped into the vast lake of progressive metal, this Scottish five-piece are pulling no punches.

Ramage Inc

One for the tech-metal fans and those who like their vocals a little less like a barking maniac (for the most-part any way). Prog metal is alive and well in M2TM.

Seed Of Sorrow

A bout of melodic death chuggery that’s positively oozing bile and venom. Nothing is left to chance, it’s a gameplan of playing fast and angry until something falls off.

Triverse Massacre

Growling, grunting and roaring vocals form the backbone for the Carlisle crushers. Leaning heavily on death metal, there’s some thrashier bits thrown in for good measure.

Witch Tripper

Stoner metal rooted in southern rock with determined bounce and hooks big enough to catch Moby Dick. Fans of Monster Truck, sink your teeth into this.


Stomping, revving UKHC that’s full of piss and vinegar and no doubt looking for a fight. Lairy as hell and bouncing off the walls like a powerball in a snapback.

Far From History

Progressive deathcore might not be a common genre, but this Luton mob have harnessed the potential of both sides. Brutal breakdowns and swooshing riffs tie together the off-kilter timings.


Thick black sludge poured over mammoth riffs and expansive soundscapes give the Midland desert metallers an infectious brand of epic doom.


Intense sludge powered by a love for post-metal and hardcore punk, the Leicester noisemongers’ arsenal of dirty weaponry is as nasty as it sounds.

Bloodstock takes place August 8-10 at Catton Park, Derbyshire. Tickets are available now.

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