Wrestling, homemade instruments, and the world's strangest Guns N' Roses cover

They play instruments improvised from paint pots and discarded construction material. Their act is peppered with cartoon violence, with moves purloined from professional wrestling. They don't bother with microphones. And they clearly don't know the lyrics to the song they're performing. 

It doesn't matter. For this is Fundo De Quintal OFC, and they've taken the internet by storm. Be warned, this is no journalistic hyperbole: the group have over a million followers on Instagram.

Why? That's a very good question. And we don't have an answer.

Aged between 11 and 25, Fundo De Quintal OFC are made up of Riquelme, Vitor, Denilson, Eulisses, Jhayme, Matusalém, João Vitor, Simão and Rhuan, and they're like nothing you've ever seen.

Formed in the village of Centro dos Rodrigues, about 2500km north of Rio de Janeiro  in Brazil, Fundo De Quintal OFC perform a bizarre mixture of music and comedy. If the members of Jackass had come from Brazil's interior, they might have sounded like this. 

Their latest success (600,000 views on YouTube and counting) is a version of Guns N' Roses' Sweet Child O' Mine that bears very little resemblance to the original. There's a sort-of-Slash, with a guitar made from what appears to be a branch wrapped in cowhide. There's a man in a black mask who throws dust around before being drop-kicked into the dirt. There's a young fella in an Iron Maiden t-shirt. And it would probably be terrible if it weren't so clearly brilliant. 

"Life in the countryside is not an easy life," says Simão, explaining how the band shaped their unique sound. "Here there is nothing, no access to singing lessons, theatre, or a place to buy instruments. So we are going to beat our improvised little things." 

Follow Fundo De Quintal OFC on YouTube. We have.

Fraser Lewry

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