Wild Lies release acoustic version of Mason's Vial

Wild Lies

Fresh out of the beer-soaked bars of London Town, cocksure and jacked full of hard rock swagger, Wild Lies have been gradually making a name for themselves around the dive bars and rock ‘n’ roll clubs of the UK for the past few years.

And now, with brand new EP Can’t Carry On pushing their momentum further forward, they’re already setting their sights on another full-length release. Taken from Wild Lies’ upcoming album, Metal Hammer is premiering a special acoustic rendition of Mason’s Vial, recorded at RnR Studios.

Speaking to Hammer about the choice of acoustic cover, Zak Mueller tells us that it’s been in the band’s setlist for years but is yet to see the light of day.

Wild Lies’ album isn’t out until 2017, but their EP Can’t Carry On is out now.