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Why Scott Ian wants to turn off the internet

Following the release of Anthrax’s new album For All Kings, mainman Scott Ian discusses what’s now known as the ‘Adele phenomenon’.

Scott knows full well that despite today’s streaming culture, there are people out there who are willing to spend money on a physical product. He says that Anthrax are in a unique bracket of metal bands like Iron Maiden and Slayer and other “bands that have been doing it so long… have built and maintained an audience.”

“Our fans our very loyal and very strong and want that physical product,” he continues.

But obviously the internet and streaming services like Spotify and YouTube allow everyone on the planet to consume almost every song ever written at their leisure. Which Scott isn’t all that happy about.

“If there was that option to have the internet to go away, I think the experience for everybody when it comes to music would be that much better,” he argues.

Do you think shutting down the internet would be better for the music business?

Anthrax’s new album For All Kings is out now, via Nuclear Blast.